About Camara

Camara is a design system that helps you build your ideas quickly and with less code. It's an open source project, and it's available to anyone who wants to build with it.

Not much new ideas in it but it will be easy to use and with a reasonable amount of flexibility. Straight up, I am not embarking on building the most robust and flexible UI component library ever. What I am building is a simple UI component library that has been thoughtfully designed and implemented, to scratch my own itch of having to avoid build the same stuffs over again when working on my simple side projects.

Building a design system from the ground up comes with a lot of learning opportunities. These are some of the few things I'm excited to learn more about:

  • Design systems and component libraries.
  • Modern User Interface engineering with declarative UI programming,
  • React, TypeScript and CSS-in-JS styling.
  • Components reusability, Inheritance, Composition etc.
  • State management, package bundlers, next-gen JavaScript, etc.

More importantly, by being the developer and user, it means that I can tell if what I have created meets my needs - make building side projects easy. Incredibly easy that it almost feels like cheating.

I'm so excited 😍 to see what this turns into, and I can't stop thinking of the amazing projects that would be built with this. I feel so pumped and proud 💪🏾.