It's my first time open-sourcing a serious project, and I want to increase my chances of having a positive experience. I hope this helps communicate the right expectations on my work.

The Camara homepage provides expanded guidance and documentation on the design language, component library and style/pattern guide. I want users to have as much information as possible while exploring Camara.

If you’re new to Camara, start with the getting started guide. It has everything you need to design and develop your side projects with Camara.

Production Use

Camara isn’t ready for production use yet, but I want to give you an early preview of what’s coming. I'd love you to give it a try. As always, I encourage feedback and contributions. I plan to get it out of beta by mid-summer in July and start accepting contributions.


This project will be open for contributions at version 1.0, right now, my only goal is to show off my work (what I am building) while still working on it publicly. The focus is on getting it to where I feel would be a solid start to my vision - helping you build your ideas quickly and with less code.

You will notice the absence of a contribution guide, and some other piece of a regular open-source project. These are things I am gearing work on and making plans to make them available as soon as I begin accepting contributions.

While I could easily keep working on this in stealth and release when I am ready, I do not think this is the right decision for me at this moment. I am a huge advocate of working in public and I'm proud to show my initial ideas while documenting my progress to where I want to go. Also, building in public keeps me much more accountable and helps fuel my momentum to get my ideas out. I hope you understand this and are excited as much as I look forward to Camara V1.

Staying informed

Something missing?

If you find issues with the documentation or have suggestions on how to improve the documentation or the project in general, please file an issue, or send a tweet mentioning Presh Onyee on Twitter.